The Power to Innovate

Salom was honored to win “Best Innovation Award” at Lenovo 2016 Supplier Conference

28 February 2017

Lenovo 2016 Supplier Conference was held in Shenzhen on May 17, 2016. Present “Yang, Yuan-Qing”, all of high level management “Gianfranco Lanci”, “Gerry Smith”, “Aymar”, “Xudon?g Chen”, George He,”Peter Hortensius” of Lenovo, and 520 vendors with about 1,300 people attending from around the world.

Global power brand leader “Salom” was honored to win “Best Innovation Award” of Lenovo recognizing the effort made by Salom to help Lenovo create the first in-box smart charger with software – a blend of the? new USB PD protocol with a proprietary charging algorithm.

“Light Up Our Future” was the subject of the conference this year which means “Lenovo Force”. It doesn’t mean only “Perseverance, Braveness, Fearless Hardship, Self-Motivating, Innovation Energy, and Inheritance”, but also the persistent drive of Lenovo in the last 30 years. Lenovo president “Yang, Yuan-Qing” used the successful example of the innovative transition of Shenzhen to emphasize that new innovation was the established method for development. Facing realities of a harsh current market, Lenovo believes that it will be better and better in the future by enhancing innovation cooperation with partners.

Three BP leaders “Gianfranco”, “Gerry Smith”, and “Aymara” shared their business group strategy and goal to partners in the next fiscal year.

The Supplier Conference culminated with the awards ceremony. Vendors were chosen for different awards like “Perfect Quality Award”, “Excellent Logistic Award”, and “Outstanding Service Award”, etc. Winners included global top one-hundred companies such as Samsung, Sony, and Sharp, etc. By winning the Best Innovation Award, Lenovo affirmed Salom’s place among the top power supply companies in the world.