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Salom was honored to win “LEAN Award” in 2016 Dyson Supplier Conference

28 February 2017

Again this year Salom has been recognized as not only a strategic supplier as in 2015 when we also received a recognition award but as the main winner of the 2016 Dyson LEAN Award on June 16, 2016 held in Hotel Jen at Johor Bahru, Malaysia. This award was earnt by Salom Teamwork through its hard work and commitment to Dyson through our LEAN practices which in turn provided Dyson with competitive cost, high quality and on time delivery.

This business remains strategically important to Salom, not only for revenue but also the advances in power technology that working with them brings. As unsurprisingly the Dyson business is also very attractive to our competitors, Salom Team will always to strive its best effort to continuously offer new designs, best technical support and solutions and also the most competitive price while sharing successful outcome and growth in Dysons!

Beside Salom’s OEM/ODM business which is recognized by global brands. Salom own brand “Salom” and “Gen” is public, and bought by customers for gift. Salom own brand always catch consumer’s eyes, especially Salom provide two years limited warranty. Users can get replacement or repair through dealers or local distributors in world-wide.