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Salom deploys LEAN and Six Sigma training to the Assembly Line

7 August 2017

As a world leading provider of high quality psu solutions with a commitment to reducing waste and driving down costs, Salom has a long history with both LEAN and Six Sigma programs.

LEAN manufacturing is a systematic method for waste minimization in all areas of the manufacturing process without sacrificing quality or productivity. This method of analysis also extends to the production flow to ensure this is streamlined for maximum efficiency. This is supported by Six Sigma management techniques to help improve associated business processes by greatly reducing the probability that an error or defect will occur. Any associated savings that are realized will be discussed with each customer to ensure that we maximize our customer value, cost leadership, and competitiveness.

 These principles were established by our founder, Mr George Hung - “We should always offer high quality products as it helps us get repeat orders. We should always keep our promises to our partners so they will come back to us when there are demands. We should continue be innovative in our engineering design and be eager to acquire new knowledge to stay ahead as global market leader. We should always do what we can to take care of our employees as they are the most important asset and future of Salom.”

Salom management has long recognised that the actual department staff responsible for day to day operations, be it in Engineering, Procurement, Manufacturing, Program Management, Quality, Human Resources or Information Technology are the people most experienced with existing operations and most able to identify potential business enhancements. As part of our Continuous Improvement Plan and to reinforce our commitment to the LEAN and Six Sigma methodologies, Salom is now deploying training in both areas to all assembly lines operative and department managers throughout 2017. This is then supported by a Staff reward program (as part of Salom Corporate-Social Responsibility) to review and reward Staff for any ideas aligned to these key areas that deliver savings once implemented.

The process has started and we are very excited by the further anticipated savings that will doubtless follow in the months to come!

 Andy Richardson – CEng MIET ,

European Business Development Manager, Salom Europe Ltd

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