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Salom Group Partners with AREL in Hyderabad

16 March 2020

A privately held global leader in power supply technology, during its history of more than 40 years Salom Group has consistently remained flexible and able to quickly adapt to changing market conditions and the needs of its prestigious and stable customer base.

The recognition and importance of managing risk within the supply chain has rarely been so prominent.

China marches forward on its industrial growth path and recent hurdles will undoubtedly be overcome in time but increasingly there is recognition of increasing labour costs with increasing investments in automation. This trend has been observed across the world from Europe to Eastern Europe and from the USA to South America and it’s no coincidence a similar trend is happening in Asia.

Following successful new partner manufacturing operations created outside of China in both Batam (Indonesia) and Sao Paolo (Brazil), the recent challenges of global tariff instability and the impact of the corona virus have galvanised Salom to now look to India for its latest step towards a larger global footprint to support localisation and multi-regional benefits for its existing and prospective customers.

India is well recognised for strength in industries such as software and pharmaceutical technology in recent decades but behind this has always been a colossal manufacturing base that spans most industrial sectors. Combining the benefits of a strong and established manufacturing footprint with its geographic proximity to China, India is an ideal and complimentary location alongside our other operations for future manufacturing.

In AREL, Salom identified a like minded company, exhibiting similar family owned traits of loyalty, integrity and dedication to its staff and customers that are not always clear in other businesses. These days quality, cost competitiveness, on time delivery and a solid financial base are assumed in world class companies alongside evidence of corporate responsibility, business ethics and environmental awareness that rightly demand focus, all of which are of paramount importance to Salom and its customers. Salom is pleased to recognise the same qualities and priorities in AREL and looks forward to a long and mutually beneficial partnership.

Contact: Steven Hawes, Managing Director UK, Europe