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Salom invests in advanced EMC facilities

8 May 2017

Salom has invested in an advanced EMC testing facility comprising a 3m fully anechoic chamber, a fully shielded chamber and comprehensive high quality test equipment and tools.

This facility has been specially constructed to support our R&D teams with EMI testing to CISPR22 (EN55022) and CISPR14-1 (EN55014-1) including;

 1. Conducted continuous disturbance voltage testing (150KHz-30MHz)

2. Conducted continuous disturbance power testing (30MHz-300MHz)

3. Radiated emission testing (30MHz-1GHz)

 Design tuning and Pre-compliance testing

Many psu companies design a product and use external (3rd Party) test facilities to validate design performance. This often results in lengthy tuning cycles or complete system redesign which can have a significant impact on product launch schedules.

Salom has over 40years expertise designing power solutions and our products are consequently designed with EMC compliance in mind from the outset. System performance can then be validated in-house prior to submission to an accredited independent EMC test laboratory for formal safety certification. This ensures optimal performance whilst minimising potential risk of product delays.

 Research into innovative new PSU architectures

Regulations are also evolving. The global focus is currently on energy saving as reflected in DOE-VI and the voluntary EU CoC which has stringent targets for standby and active efficiency across various points of the psu load curve. Many customers also request even higher performance as a source of product differentiation. This may be a direct request for higher efficiency, or a request for higher power density which indirectly requires higher efficiency due to housing thermal constraints. This demands the use of more advanced topologies or components in the psu design which need to be fully understood and characterised in advance in order to design for EMC compliance and avoid complex tuning issues as outlined above.

 Whatever the requirement, Salom is well positioned to deliver innovative, high quality, cost effective external power solutions for high volume applications.

Watch this space for further news and don’t hesitate to call to discuss your specific requirements!