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USB-PD 3.0 v1.1 Programmable Power Supply (PPS) solutions from Salom

16 May 2017

Good news! The USB Power Delivery Specification Rev. 3.0, Version 1.1 recently released by the USB Implementers Forum supports a Programmable Power Supply (PPS) feature. This means that the PD source output power can be fixed or adaptable with the controlled transition of VBus over a given range depending on load (sink) requirements to enable the design of flexible, high performance power supply solutions.

 Table 10-7 in the specification shows both fixed and nominal programmable output voltages and identifies the associated ‘Augmented Power Data Object’ (APDO) that shall be offered for a given ‘PD Power’ (PDP). The APDO is the Data Object used to expose a Source Port’s power capabilities as part of a Source Capabilities Message;

Table 10-8 then defines the range of supply voltages adjustable in as little as 20mV steps that the Programmable Power Supply voltages map to;

The full specification including implementation examples can be found at the USB Implementers Forum;

This enables a standardized approach to support the design of flexible power supply solutions including high performance charging solutions that can change their configuration depending on the load requirements. Indeed, the recent Qualcomm QC4.0 specification (for SnapDragon 835 enabled mobile devices) is now USB-PD compliant and utilises a configurable output to provide 5 hours of battery life with only 5 minutes of charging:

 As a leader in innovative high volume power supply solutions for major OEM’s world-wide, Salom has the USB-PD and Type C solution expertise to enable us to deliver flexible, high density power solutions for all of your needs.

Watch this space for further news and don’t hesitate to call to discuss your specific power supply requirements.