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Salom Product Get Highly Commended in Wireless Exhibition of Japan

28 February 2017

Japan Wireless communication exhibition were hold on Tokyo International Exhibition Center at May 5, 2016. It mainly presented application of 5G and wireless manipulate technology of UAV.

Besides presenting production from brand of all over the world, there were a series of seminar that based on Japan wireless communication development. As a leading brand that supply power projects of communication terminal device-------Salom Electric (Xiamen)Corporation, had presented a series of QC3.0 product that supporting Qualcomm. Although these product including charger,car charger and power bank had not come into market yet, they were got highly commended by visitors.Most of visitors would ask about when products can be listed. On the display of Salom, it also presented a well-designed a Dynamic Experience Zone. Visitors can use QC3.0 products on the scene so that they experience the feeling of quick charging.

On the other hand, a latest designed power bank with 10,000mAh that has function of water-proof were also presented on the exhibition. In order to show its function, Salom designed a landscaping sin which make flow spill onto power bank continuously when it was working without any problem. Not only it remained visitors deep impression, but showed a strong ability of development of Salom.